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About The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre for Georgina is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults achieve their educational and life goals. We offer high quality training that assists individuals to improve their essential literacy and numeracy skills for workplace and personal successes. This includes upgrading for students to write their Grade 12 equivalency (GED); to pursue grade 12 equivalent credits in English, Math, Biology and Chemistry done in conjunction with Seneca College to help facilitate college entrance; and to improve their employability skills and enhancing skills needed for independent living.

The Town of Georgina is on the southeast edge of Lake Simcoe, north of Toronto, and is made up of the communities of Keswick, Sutton, Pefferlaw and surrounding areas.

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Board of Directors

Function of the Board of Directors
It is the board that is ultimately responsible for making sure that the Learning Centre for Georgina fulfills its mission.

Board of Directors

Yvonne Parker - President
Scott Parker - Vice President
Michele Potter - Treasurer

Joanne Taylor
Gail Therrien
Scott Parker
Cathi Robinson
Monica Dostal

Lynn Vanlieshout

  • To be familiar with LCG's by-laws, policies, and procedures.
  • To participate in developing and implementing business plan and strategic plan (8 - 10 hours annually).
  • To attend monthly board meetings as scheduled (2 - 3 hours per month).
  • To participate in one or more committees/reference groups and possibly chair one (2 - 6 hours per month)
  • To attend fundraising events and fulfill duties as agreed upon at meetings (2 hours per month).
  • To prepare for meetings by reading reports and other meeting related material.
  • To perform annual peer review of board performance.
  • Set and meet success indicators annually.
  • To understand LCG's mission and mandate.
  • To set policy for LCG.
  • To make sure that effective organizational planning takes place.
  • To make sure that funds are properly managed.
  • To know the board's legal obligations and make sure they are followed.
  • To recruit and evaluate new board or committee members as needed.
  • To approve the hiring and releasing of staff, based on the recommendation of the personnel committee.
  • To represent community-based literacy programs in their regions.
  • To seek out and contact possible funding sources as agency needs develop.


Kirsty King - Executive Director

Jennifer Hopper - Executive Assistant

Michelle Curran - Instructor

Kim Dickinson - Instructor

Erin Brook - Admin Asst

Grace Doggart - Program Asst

Tammy Lavigne - Statistics Coordinator

Carolyn Orgar - Receptionist 


For information visit the United Way Toronto & York Region website.

Funded in Part by the Regional Municipality of York.


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A Brief History

The Program Planning Committee of the Georgina Community Resource Centre (G.C.R.C.) formed the Learning Centre for Georgina in March 1985. The project was originally a branch of the Newmarket Council, now known as Literacy Council York Simcoe, and came under the wing of G.C.R.C. to be able to access government funds. In October 1985, a community sounding was held to determine the need and support for the program. In February 1986, a Laubach Trainer from Newmarket delivered the first tutor training.

The organization underwent several changes and moves with a pivotal partnership made with Seneca College in 2007 allowing us to offer non-credit college preparatory classes in English, Math, Biology and Chemistry. In 2010 we made the decision to amalgamate all programs so that we could offer more learners assistance in our now much larger space.  This was possible courtesy of the two year stimulus funding provided by MTCU, which helped pay for all moving costs, renovations and furnishings. In October 2010, the Ontario Trillium Foundation provided the Learning Centre and its newest partner, Rose of Sharon (ROS), funding to open a Georgina Outreach Office.  Rose of Sharon now provides local counselling services, workshops and onsite child minding for their clientele. It also provides child minding services to LCG clients and with the proximity of our program, allows clientele from the Rose to access our academic upgrading programs; thus eliminating their need to attend programs in the Newmarket area.  This partnership was further expanded courtesy of funding from the York Region Community Development Fund which provided the funding to hire additional LCG and ROS staff and open the child minding centre 5 days per week.

Mission Statement 

To offer high quality training that assists individuals to improve their essential literacy and numeracy skills for workplace and personal successes.

Vision Statement

The Learning Centre for Georgina is a centre of excellence that fosters lifelong learning in our community.



Student Success Story

“I needed to get my Grade 12 math credit as soon as possible to get into the college course I wanted. My high school guidance councillor recommended the Learning Centre.”


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