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Welcome to the Learning Centre for Georgina

The Learning Centre is the right place for you if you are:

  • interested in upgrading your literacy and numeracy skills for employment,
  • looking for educational upgrading for your Grade 12 equivalency,
  • interested in going to college, but have not completed high school.

How it works

The Learning Centre does not operate on a typical school calendar, start time is flexible, we are here and ready to start whenever you are.

Getting started

Students are required to book an initial interview with the Program Manager (30-40 minutes). During the initial interview, we will review your goals and objectives, educational and work history and any hurdles that you feel may prevent you from reaching your educational goals.

What to bring

While transcripts are not required, they are beneficial in helping us understand your educational history. Students are asked to bring any documentation related to learning disabilities or accommodations.

Individualized learning plans

A skill level assessment will lead to the development of a personalized learning plan. This plan will be pivotal in helping students reach their goals. Individualized teacher support is available at all times. We can also offer referrals to other community organizations if required.


Check out these student resources

"If at first you don't succeed..."

Watch the video 

Student Success Story

“The reason I came to the Learning Centre was because I dropped out of high school. I now have a 19 month old son and am 22 weeks pregnant with a daughter.”