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Our New Identity

The Learning Centre for Georgina is an organization that provides free academic and essential skills upgrading towards meeting a high school grade 12 equivalency. Students who come to this program do so from all walks of life, with different experiences, hurdles and goals. However, whether they are marginalized or new to Canada, they all come here to find success. Students work hard to achieve their goals and we work alongside them with individualized learning plans that meet their needs.

In developing a new identity for the Learning Centre we worked with the criteria of capturing the synergy between our students and the supportive qualities of the people who work at the Centre. Through this creative exploration the hummingbird was put forward as a symbol that reflected the nature of the service we provide.

The hummingbird is fast. It can fly at speeds typically exceeding 54km/h. It relies on flower nectar to fuel a high metabolism. New species have resulted from hummingbirds coordinating changes in their bill shape to accommodate changes is supplying flowers.

This is much the same as the basis for the Learning Centre for Georgina. Whether it be a new job opportunity or dreams of going to college or university, students want to reach their goal of obtaining Grade 12 equivalency quickly. The Centre develops individualized learning plans for its students to help them learn in the way that they need to. The Centre is a constant supply of support, knowledge and resources for its students.

We are proud of our new identity. The concept of the hummingbird in flight represents not only the student's journey, it also represents the Learning Centre's ongoing abilities to nurture every student towards achieving his or her goals.