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Volunteer tutors are the strength behind community literacy programs like the Learning Centre for Georgina. As with students, tutors are asked to complete a tutor application form indicating their area of occupation, previous volunteer experience, hobbies, skills and interests, level of education and availability. Once the application form is completed, it is filed with other tutors who are waiting to be matched with a student. Tutors are provided with orientation and training. The tutor is given some basic information about the student and a first meeting is arranged at the Learning Centre.

Both tutors and students are asked to sign a "Statement of Confidentiality."

Tutors and students should meet for a minimum of two hours per week. Tutors are asked to make this commitment for at least six months.

To tutor an adult learner or small group of learners in reading, writing, spelling, basic math and/or basic computer skills.

  • understand LCG’s mission and mandate
  • review with staff and student the student’s learning goals and training plan
  • work with staff to select appropriate teaching materials that suit the student’s goals, abilities and interests
  • plan and prepare materials for weekly tutoring sessions
  • tutor the student once per week for a minimum of two hours at the Centre or in a public place
  • maintain weekly session report
  • assist in reviewing progress and revising the student’s training plan on an ongoing basis
  • attend tutor training seminars as scheduled
  • maintain a positive, patient attitude that encourages learning
  • tell staff about changes in appointments
  • inform staff if match with student is unsuccessful
  • discuss student’s progress with staff
  • discuss problems/issues with staff when they arise
  • keep record of volunteer hours with Centre, including participation at events
  • a patient, open minded, flexible attitude
  • a completed application form, resume, references and a completed permission form for a police record check
  • deliver training in a public place, preferably LCG
  • willingness to try new and creative ways of teaching
  • an understanding of student-centred approach to teaching and learning
  • good verbal skills; good listening skills
  • good skills in reading, writing, spelling and/basic math, and/or computer
  • the ability to keep appointments weekly
  • respect for confidentiality
  • respect for student’s goals
  • attend an orientation session and initial training
  • attend an interview with Program Manager
  • participate in at least one tutor training session every 6 months
  • initial interview
  • minimum of 2 hours per week to deliver training
  • one half hour to one hour for planning and preparation
  • long range commitment of 6 months minimum

Committee Member

To ensure the successful operation of the Learning Centre for Georgina through participation as an active member of a committee, such as: Personnel Committee, By-Law, Policies and Procedures Committee, Fundraising Committee(s), Event Committee, Volunteer and Recruitment Committee, Finance Committee, Education Committee, Outreach/Marketing Committee.

  • to understand and uphold LCG’s mission and mandate
  • to be familiar with LCG’s by-laws, policies and strategic plan
  • to attend committee meetings on a regular basis as determined by chair
  • to prepare for meetings by reading background material
  • to participate in effective planning
  • to produce and maintain documents and records as required
  • to complete tasks as delegated by chair
  • to attend fundraising events and fulfill duties as agreed upon at meetings
  • to prepare reports for board meetings and AGM (responsibility of the chair)
  • attend an orientation session
  • initial interview
  • one meeting per month unless otherwise scheduled
  • committee activities as agreed upon at meetings ( 2 - 5 hrs per month)
  • long range commitment of 6 months to one year

Special Events Volunteer

To assist the Learning Centre for Georgina in the successful implementation of special events throughout the year. These special events are held for a variety of reasons, including fundraising, outreach and awareness.

  • to understand and uphold LCG’s mission and mandate
  • to be familiar with LCG’s by-laws, policies and strategic plan
  • to attend volunteer training as required for each event
  • to prepare for specific duties assigned in preparation for the event(s)
  • to participate as a volunteer at the event(s), completing tasks as delegated
  • to produce and maintain documents and records if required
  • to attend event(s) follow up meetings if required
  • attend an orientation session
  • initial interview
  • attend meetings as required when scheduled
  • schedule times as per agreement between volunteer and LCG for each event
  • minimum long range commitment of 6 months to one year

Steps to Volunteering

The Learning Centre for Georgina is a Community Based Literacy Program that relies on the contribution of volunteers in many ways. The volunteers take on many roles:

  • tutoring
  • assisting with office tasks
  • representing L.C.G. at promotional events
  • working on committees for fundraising or special events
  • chairing committees
  • participating as members of the Board of Directors

We are always looking for new volunteers. Please contact the Learning Centre or download and complete the Volunteer Form and email it to:

Student Success Story

“As someone who had always worked with my hands, I wondered what my future would hold when I couldn’t work a physical job anymore.”